When admin tasks and paperwork let us down…

I recently spent a while in hospital as followers of my blogs will know.  Last week I spent a day at the Urology day care at Derby hospital, and again I received the highest quality of care from a fantastic team.

Unfortunately I came today to contact my GP to see if they had managed to prescribe my single use catheters (they really are as unpleasant as you imagine them to be!) – the staff at the surgery didn’t know what to prescribe because no notes had come through from the hospital.  On contacting the hospital I’m told that there is an eight week backlog in case notes being sent to GPs. 

I’m not sure how this could have come about, but I know from personal experience that turning around problems at work take time – but I would have thought the hospital would have some measures in place to make sure patients could receive the aftercare they deserve.

Fortunately my story has a happy ending.  The very nice lady at Wilkinson Healthcare (a private sector healthcare supplies company) were able to speak to my GP and get my equipment ordered (otherwise I might have ended up in A&E over the weekend).  Perhaps there are some occasions when some profit based motivation is necessary!

The moral of the story – leave no stone unturned as help sometimes comes from the most surprising of places!

(Image © Tom Ventura @ Wikimedia)


Author: Rob Butler

Ex-science teacher, ex-school leader and full-time geek.

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